• Me in 10 years: hey you remember the time I was obsessed with homosexual countries
  1. Prince George + Text Posts

  2. petrichoriousparalian:

  3. validx2:

    When ya homie hit you wit the “Draw 4” in Uno


  4. princess-slay-ya:

    Star Wars Female Character Meme: (2/4) Actresses- Rebecca Jackson Mendoza as Queen Breha Organa

    As a girl growing up and seeing Star Wars, of course you want to be Princess Leia. And to know that I’m actually playing her mother… I just kept thinking about those buns! I was the mother of those buns! Maybe I taught her how to do those buns!

  5. espeonsweetie:

    overhearing a conversation about pokemon more like


  6. elleaybee:

    UW Poly Day 2013: Representing Our Ocean Through Solidarity. Tonga.

  7. noon:

    ah yes i am also a fan of eau de shut the fuck up

  8. skypestripper:

    u can tell a lot about a person by their background on their phones

  9. koujakuandthediamonds:

    the worst is when you’re reading a really good book that follows multiple characters’ stories and you love it 90% of the time until it periodically switches back to that one character’s story that you just could not care less about and it’s like an entire chapter of internal groaning while waiting for the plot to switch back to a character you actually care about

  10. strwrsgifs:

    Uncle Owen, this R2 unit has a bad motivator, look!

  11. starklady:

probably my fav game of thrones cap ever


    probably my fav game of thrones cap ever

  12. pinkiuspiekus:


    dont worry under-appreciated female character im coming to defend you

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